Meet your instructor, Roger Southam

Exceptional High Performance Coach & Avid Golfer

I became an avid golfer a decade and a half ago and went from a hacker who struggled round the golf course to a golfer who plays a round of golf shooting birdies, pars and loving every shot. I qualified as NLP Practitioner, Business Master Practitioner and HighPerformance Coach under Michael Breen and Richard Brandler.  I have worked extensively with clients to achieve their goals and be the best they can be.  Utilising the training and learnings, I have brought the coaching to keep the mind clear and focussed.

Why would you listen to me? Well I have taken myself from 24 handicap to 12. Shot rounds under 80, had hole in one, made 3 birdies in a row, shot level par over 9 hole course, won tournaments, and loved every second on the course through sun, wind and rain!I know my best state and being able to step into that zone is all empowering. You could have the same.

Roger's Journey

Coaching abilities

Roger qualified as a High Performance coach and Master NLP Practitioner in 2005 and has proven his capabilities with clients across USA, Europe and Caribbean.  He has successfully helped clients achieve their goals, overcome fears and be the best they can possibly be.

Golfing abilities

Roger played golf from 16 but only started playing regularly in his late forties. Using his coaching techniques transformed his game from a 24 handicap down to 12.  He has shot under 80 and  regularly shoots par over 9 hole.

Business abilities

Roger is a serial entrepreneur who has founded, run and sold numerous businesses and activities.  He fosters team work, delivers new initiatives and disrupts in fields he enters. His coaching skills are used to bring the best out of his colleagues and drive for great results.

Charitable abilities

Roger has always believed in putting something back.  What is the point of success if we only take.  Empowering, growing, giving and balancing isa way to achieve something beyond self.


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Roger transformed my golf game with his insightful, practical, useable coaching to quiet my mind and allow me to play my best golf, ever!

Graham MacLeod

HI: 9.2